Monday, November 14, 2011

"Head and Shoulder Knees and Toes"♪ and Facial Parts in Korean! (11/13/11)

An-nyung(안녕), An-nyung-ha-se-yo(안녕하세요)!

Sorry for the late update, but here's the lesson we did last time with the KCOA Older Group! :)

Last class, we learned the song "Head and Shoulder Knees and Toes"♪ in Korean.
The song is called 머리 어깨 무릎 발♪ ("Mu-ri Uh-ggae Mu-reub Bal") in Korean and directly translated, it would be "Head Shoulder Knees Foot" in English.

We will perform this next time we meet at our annual Holiday Potluck Celebration so make sure you practice!!! We'll do awesome like last time when we performed 선녀와 나무꾼 (The Fairy and the Woodcutter) play!!

Below is the lyric to the song, so use it to practice with your parents! Don't forget the dance too! :)

Here's the link to the song online! So if you forgot how to sing it in Korean listen and use this video to practice -> 머리 어깨 무릎 발 (Head and Shoulder Knees and Toes) 
(It's a blog in Korean so don't get scared by all the Korean characters - look for the video in the page!)
Notice the tune of the song is same with the "Head and Shoulder Knees and Toes" in English version, so it should be easy! :)

We also learned the facial parts in Korean last class!

To recap:
얼굴 ("Ul-Gool") - Face
눈 ("Noon") - Eyes
코 ("Ko") - Nose
입 ("Ip") - Mouth
귀 ("Gui") - Ears

The following worksheets are from the last class. You can print them out and try them again to practice saying and writing 눈, 코, 입, 귀!! :)

↑ Practice saying and draw 눈, 코, 입, 귀 on the girl's face and connect them with the words! :)

Enjoy practicing Korean and make sure you practice for the 머리 어깨 무릎 발♪ performance!

Our performance is going to be:
1. Saying 안녕 "An-nyung" 안녕하세요 "An-nyung-ha-se-yo" to the audience
2. Performing (Singing/dancing) 머리 어깨 무릎 발♪ "Mu-ri Uh-ggae Mu-reub Bal" 

Practice rehearsing the performance with your parents!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!! 즐거운 추수감사절 보내세요! :D

- Sarah

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Last lesson before Thanksgiving!

Hello, KCOA lovers!

Today, we started the class by reviewing how to say Hello in Korean!

Hello--> 안녕(An Nyoung)

And there is another way to say hello to older people in a respectful way,
안녕하세요. (An Nyung Ha Sae Yo)

We also made some amazing bookmarks!
We learned how to write our names and favorite things in Korean.

Do you all remember how to say, "I like..." in Korean?
Just in case you forgot,

I like...<==> ...좋아요. (Joh Ah Yo)

Some of your favorite things in Korean,

food: 음식 (Eum Sik)
candy: 사탕 (Sa Tang)
pomegranate: 석류 (Suk Ryu)
apple: 사과 (Sa Gua)
mommy: 엄마 (Um Ma)

After making bookmarks, we learned the song "비행기(airplane-Bee Hang Gi)"

These are the lyrics:)

떴다 떴다 비행기 날아라 날아라  
Rising Rising Airplane Fly away Fly away 

(Ddut da Ddut da Bee-hang-gi, nal ah ra, nal a ra)

높이 높이 날아라 우리 비행기
Higher Higher fly away Our aeroplane
(Nop pi nop pi nal ah ra, woo ri Bee-hang-gi)

links for the song:

Practice, practice and practice!
We are going to perform this song on Dec. 4th when we come back from the break!
and be prepared to fly your own plane for the performance:)
(Little shout out to Andy, the best pilot! Yay!)

I will miss you dearly!
Happy Thanksgiving:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

~Pictures from the Moon Festival~ (Oct.16th.11)

Today, we performed the "My face is like an apple" song!
We all did an amazing job<3
Here are some pictures from the performance!

see you guys in two weeks!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

An-nyung! and "The Fairy and the Woodcutter" (10/2/11)

Hi everyone! :) or An-nyung! (안녕!)
Awesome job with everything today!!
I'm posting the script for "The Fairy and the Woodcutter" (선녀와 나무꾼) so if you have time, print it out and practice your parts for the play we will perform next time we meet!
Parents - please help the kids practice their parts! Thank you! :)
The link to the story online is here: 

Find your parts below (in case you forgot!):

ACT 1:
Mother - Tommy
Woodcutter - Michael
Deer - Jack
Hunter - Noah

ACT 2:
Woodcutter - Michael
Deer - Jack
Fairy 1 - Thomas
Fairy 2 - Jackie (KCOA volunteer)
Fairy 3 - Celine (KCOA volunteer)

Woodcutter - Michael
Fairy 1 - Thomas
Deer - Tommy

Woodcutter - Patrick
Fairy 1 - Thomas

ACT 5:
Woodcutter - Patrick
Mother - Tommy
Winged Horse - Jack
ACT 6:
Woodcutter - Patrick
Mother - Tommy
* Also if you have any props for the play you can bring (i.e. cape or mask, etc.) - that would be awesome! (I'll try to find and bring some!)
Below is the worksheet that we did today on greetings (An-nyung/An-nyung-ha-se-yo)! You can print out and practice more at home with your parents! Have fun!

Thank you everyone!!! :)
- Sarah

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lyric for Two Songs! (Oct.2nd.11)

사과 같은 내얼굴
 (Sa Gwa get Eun Nae Uhlgool) 

[Sa Gwa] Gat Eun Nae Uhlgool
My Face is like an Apple

E ppe gi do ha gee yo
My Face is so pretty

Nun do Ban Chak
the Eyes are sparking(Twinkling)

Ko do Ban Chak
the Nose is sparking(Twinkling)

Eep do Ban Chak Ban Chak
the Mouth is sparking(Twinkling)

[Sa Gwa] can be replaced with children's favorite vegetable or fruit!

For example: 
Orange- O ran ge
Blueberry- Bul lu be ry
Strawberry- Ddal gi

* this song with accompaniment

Five Bears

Five different bears 
living in one house
Papa bear
Mama bear
Baby bears

Papa bear is so tall! (Theresa)
Mama bear is so pretty! (Maia)
Baby bears are so tiny! (Pheobe, Andy, Jason)

so cute, so cute,
very well done!

*This song with accompaniment

If any of you have time, try to practice these two songs for the Moon festival presentation in Two weeks<3


Sunday, September 18, 2011

First KCOA Class! (9/18/11)

Nolan and Zach playing Chicken Fight (닭싸움 "dalk-ssa-oom")
KCOA children watching video on Ganggangsullae (강강술래), a Korean traditional dance usually performed during Moon Festival
Jayson with Yut (윷) sticks
Theresea playing Yut Nori (윷놀이), a Korean traditional board game played on Korean Holidays, including Chuseok

Carter is so good at playing Yut Nori!

"Chestnuts!" - Zach
Hmm... How does Yut Nori work? 

KCOA kids excited about chestnuts they discovered after class
Carter gets Jegi (제기), Korean traditional tool for game, for winning the Yut Nori!
Way to go, Carter!
Everybody was awesome today! :)
For more information on Yut Nori, Ganggangsullae, and other Korean cultural info, click the "Resources" Tab above. (The videos you watched today are also available under the tab!)
Also, if there is anything you want to know more about what we did today or if you have any suggestions, just leave us a comment below!

- Sarah Lee

Welcome to KCOA! :)

Hello everyone!
This is some info about KCOA that you can find under "About KCOA" tab, as well.
KCOA members are thrilled to welcome you all and let's have a great, fun year!

Mission Statement for KCOA:
Korean Cultural Outreach at Andover is a non-profit organization and part of the Community Service Program at Phillips Academy.  Our mission is to educate adoptive families in their adopted child’s natural culture, and to create an awareness and appreciation of Korean Culture within our community at large through general instruction in language, arts, and participation in cultural events.  We encourage family participation.

Korean Cultural Outreach at Andover (KCOA) is designed for families of adopted Korean children from age three and up, and for local families who are interested in learning about Korean culture and language.  Siblings are welcome.  Classes are held on bi-weekly Sundays from 3:30 -5:00pm on the Phillips Academy Campus and will begin in September - exceptions will be noted.  Phillips Academy students of Korean heritage instruct families in Korean culture, language, and writing.  Through traditional stories, customs, ceremonies, and language, families gain a better understanding and grounding in this wonderful culture.  Instruction groups are based on age and language exposure, and an adult class is also available and will review what children are learning and explore cultural themes in depth. 

Registration Fees:
A registration fee of $100 will cover this year’s educational materials.  There is a $25 fee for each additional child to participate, with a cap of $150 per family.
Dinner at Paresky Commons dining hall is available to families for a flat rate of $100/family. This meal plancovers 13 sessions throughout the yearlong program.  There are a total of 15 meetings for each group, two of which are potluck dinners.

Families currently participating in ACCO/KCOA may pre-register by July 1st for the initial reduced price of $75 for the year, with a $25 fee for each additional child.

Fees should be payable to ACCO/KCOA or Trustees of Phillips Academy and sent to:
c/o Community Service Office
Phillips Academy
180 Main Street
Andover, MA  01810