KCOA Younger Group

Lyric for Two Songs! (10/02/11)

사과 같은 내얼굴
 (Sa Gwa get Eun Nae Uhlgool) 

[Sa Gwa] Gat Eun Nae Uhlgool
My Face is like an Apple

E ppe gi do ha gee yo
My Face is so pretty

Nun do Ban Chak
the Eyes are sparking(Twinkling)

Ko do Ban Chak
the Nose is sparking(Twinkling)

Eep do Ban Chak Ban Chak
the Mouth is sparking(Twinkling)

[Sa Gwa] can be replaced with children's favorite vegetable or fruit!

For example: 
Orange- O ran ge
Blueberry- Bul lu be ry
Strawberry- Ddal gi

* this song with accompaniment

Five Bears


Five different bears 
living in one house
Papa bear
Mama bear
Baby bears

Papa bear is so tall! (Theresa)
Mama bear is so pretty! (Maia)
Baby bears are so tiny! (Pheobe, Andy, Jason)

so cute, so cute,
very well done!

*This song with accompaniment

If any of you have time, try to practice these two songs for the Moon festival presentation in Two weeks<3