Sunday, February 5, 2012

Practice Fun Korean at Your Home! :) (Family members and introducing yourself in Korean!)

안녕 (An-nyung), 안녕하세요 (An-nyung-ha-se-yo) KCOA!!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Despite the Super Bowl, KCOA shall continue! :)

Until we meet next time for our next lesson, print out the worksheets I posted below to practice and learn fun Korean!

Some of them will be review stuffs, but it's always good to have a chance to review and you can master them!
I'll test you all next class so make sure you know them (not to scare you but it's for YOU :))!

Also if you want to challenge yourselves with Korean, try covering the Korean pronunciation I had put down on the worksheet and read the Korean characters by themselves using the Korean Romanization Chart on Pronunciation that's under the "Resources" tab!
It'll be fun like piecing the puzzles together! :)

The three worksheets above are on the family members in Korean! Practice them by writing them and saying them with your family!
Try saying hi to your family members in Korean!

For example, if you are a boy and you are saying hi to your older brother, you would say:
안녕, 형! (An-nyung, hyung!)

One more thing to note, so in Korean, depending on your gender (boy/girl) the way you call your older siblings become different. As noted in the second worksheet above.

For girls:
When younger girl calls older girl: 언니 (un-ni)
When younger girl calls older boy: 오빠 (oh-ppa/oh-bba)

For boys:
When younger boy calls older girl: 누나 (nuh-nah/noo-na)
When younger boy calls older boy: (hyung)

For girls and boys:
When older girl or older boy calls younger girl or boy (usually younger sibling): 동생 (dong-saeng)

 These worksheets above will look familiar to a lot of you (hopefully). Have fun practicing the dialogue with your 할아버지 (hal-ah-buh-ji), 할머니 (hal-muh-ni), 엄마 (uhm-ma), 아빠 (ah-bba), 언니 (un-ni), 오빠 (oh-ppa), 누나 (nuh-nah), 형 (hyung), 동생 (dong-saeng), or 친구 (chin-gu)!!

Also the below links are to the Pororo video we watched last time if you want to watch them again and practice Korean that comes out in it. Focus on the last part where the friends introduce them to each other!
(Korean Version):
(English Version):

Also, if you all have anything you want to learn in Korean just let us know anytime perhaps by leaving a comment below! 

Have fun learning and practicing Korean!

Thank you everyone and Happy Super Bowl Sunday! :)

- Sarah Lee

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